Friday, December 3, 2010

Germany/Switzerland: Day 1

After maybe 5 inches of snow over the last few days had all but shut down the entire city of Dublin, I was skeptical of my ability to get to Freiburg today.  Fortunately, the airport was reopened and my flight was only delayed by one hour.  But of course, the wait for check in began with a mother traveling alone with three screaming toddlers, prompting the ''please dont be on my flight, please don't be on my flight'' internal chant.  Then, of course, they were on my flight, which prompted the ''please don't have them sitting near me, please don't have them sitting near me'' internal chant.  Thankfully for my sanity, they were not seated near me and they were relatively quiet on the flight.  The flight delay, however, meant that I missed my connecting flight out of Frankfurt, but there was ample room on the next flight out to Basel.  From there, it was a brief bus ride back into Germany to Freiburg where I was met by Sören, my old friend, at the bus stop.

We walked the few blocks to the apartment he shares with his girlfriend and spent the rest of the evening getting me settled in and getting us all caught up on each other.  It was so nice to sit around and hang out.  We all had a drink (Sören and I had a Paulaner and Bai had a cola-beer, which I'll definitely have to try soon) and played a card game well into the evening.

Tomorrow, Soren and I head off to Switzerland while Bai is at work, and then possibly to a Christmas market.  I'm so excited for the Christmas markets!  The more the merrier my Christmas will be.

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