Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Germany/Switzerland: Day 4

Well, it was a long day getting back to Dublin.  First, I had to somehow manage to cram all of my gifts into my bag.  They would have fit easily were it not for the big cumbersome box that the music box was packed in.  Eventually, I managed to get everything packed away.  I took the bus from Freiburg to Basel, where I did some duty free shopping.  I bought two humongous bars of Swiss chocolate: one dark chocolate and one light chocolate with honey almond nougat.  I also picked up a cute little tin that says "Basel" and has leckerly cookies in them.  They're apparently famous for originating in Basel and have honey and candied peels in them.

My satisfaction with my purchases had a damper put on it when my flight was delayed about an hour.  This caused me to (again) miss my connecting flight in Frankfurt.  Unlike the first time, however, there was not another departing flight anytime soon.  Instead, I had to occupy my time until 10:00 pm, a full 6 hours after I had planned on arriving in Dublin.  Thanks to this down time, I now have less than 100 pages left to read in Ulysses, though.

The flight from Frankfurt to Dublin was pleasant, though.  I highly recommend Lufthansa for anyone who is flying in and around Europe.  Free drinks like most of the airlines I've flown over here.  However, they gave us a full blown picnic from Frankfurt to Dublin.  A small cheese sandwich, clementine, package of ginger cookies, and a chocolate Santa, all served in a cloth drawstring pouch with Santa Clause embroidered on the front!

I finally arrived in Dublin around 11:00, local time (midnight in Germany).  The air coach shuttle left at 11:30 and I was back to my dorm, after a very snowy walk from the bus stop, past midnight.  Now, I have one paper left to write, three rounds of revisions, and a whole lot of packing left before the big flight home.

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