Saturday, December 4, 2010

Germany: Day 2

So... Switzerland didn't happen today.  We got too late of a start to make the cost of the train ticket and the hour each way worth the investment.  So, instead we hit the Freiburg Christmas market.  Sören and I had mulled wine, served in little glass mugs with a Christmas market scene on them.  You get the mugs for take away, and you can either keep the mug or return it when you're done and get 1 euro 50 back.  I, of course, kept my mug. :)

The Christmas market is fabulous.  There are lights everywhere, all kinds of food, and lots of people.  When we went, there were a few rowdy groups getting ready to go to the local football game.  Lots of fun!  The booths sold all sorts of great Christmas items too: ornaments carved out of wood, hand blown glass ornaments, nativity scenes, and those great Christmas carousels that spin around using the heat from candles.  So much to look at!!

After the market, we warmed up with some cappuccino and then took off to hike up a very slippery mountain.  We only went a little ways up, but it still gave a great view of Freiburg down below and faced out into the Black Forest, where I hope to go tomorrow.  Only wiped out once on the way back down, and then it was back to the apartment for some much needed R&R.  Feeling a little under the weather, but I hope it won't drag me down tomorrow!

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