Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The House

So, the parents and I have done some painting, John and I have moved all of our furniture in, and we've also unloaded a ton of stuff on Bridging, Inc.  And now the house is spic and span so I took some pictures before the law school pile of papers and laptops spread back out over everything.

Here is the living room looking into the dining room before:

And the living room after:

...and the dining room:

 Then, there was the kitchen.  The... purple (?) color that used to cover the entire room before....
and the lovely neutral now :)

The bedroom sans furniture:
And the bedroom with furniture:

We still need to paint over the bedroom walls.  Believe it or not, it's all paneling.  Some of the panels have been painted blue while some of the walls are still the original pattern.  I think this is going to be a spring break project to make the room one color, probably another neutral but darker than the rest of the house.

We also have an office, but it's still the disaster room of the house.  You can't clean up the law school out of your life entirely!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

All of the lovely ladies in the wedding party have picked their bridesmaid dresses!  All that's left is to put in the order and get any alterations.

The dresses are Alfred Angelo and are all going to be the color eggplant.

I'm very excited!  I think all three look great together :)  Thoughts or comments on shoes?  Black?  Silver?  Dyed to match (bleh!)?

Next up: finalizing the guest list and sending save the dates!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Couch!

We got our new couch delivered today!

I'm not sure the photo does it justice, but thanks to Mary Jo at HOM Furniture, we picked out a couch yesterday.  It's a really subtle, brown herringbone and looks fantastic in person.  It even came with the feather pillows- white with a very small brown spotted pattern.  We love love love it and it is officially our first grown-up purchase together.

The only down side to the couch is that it makes everything else in the room look really tiny and really old.  I guess we're going to have to work on slowly adding pieces to get the whole room looking good.  Next on the list is some new curtains and curtain rods!  Sometime I'll do an update of the rooms with all our furniture moved in :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Wedding plans are moving along nicely.  Save the date cards are going to be done via email.  The DJ is booked (now to pick the major songs...), the florist is done, we may (fingers crossed!) have an officiant, and about half of the invitations have been purchased.

The florist is a lovely woman who makes really beautiful bouquets:

The bridesmaids are going to have white football mums bunched together in a tight, dome-like bouquet.  Moms and Grandmas will have wrist corsages with white button mums.  My bouquet will be white roses, white button mums, and pale blue hydrangeas.  No flowers for the groom or groomsmen (that would be John's contribution).

The invitations are really great because they match the deep purple from the bridesmaid dresses.  The whole invitation set comes with the invite card, envelopes, response card, response envelopes, and a pretty little ribbon to tie around the invitation.  Each pack comes with 40 sets, so we still need to pick up a few more, but they're really high quality for a really low price.  If you can believe it, they're from Michaels!  On sale when we bought them, but we were only able to get about half as many as we need.  So, worst case scenario, we grab their weekly coupons to get a few more in the next week.

Things are coming together!  Suggestions on songs for the procession, recession, and reception are welcome.
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