Monday, March 28, 2011

The Paper Trail

Almost all of the paper goods are purchased (now to get them printed!), but I had to share about our great finds.  Check it out!,default,pd.html?start=52&cgid=products-wedding-bridesexclusive

The programs aren't pictured, but the link above will show them.  What a stroke of luck that they came in our colors!  Like I said in an earlier post, we got them all at Michael's, so they were a steal!  The programs are the most recent purchase and are like a small book with the pattern on both sides of the cover.  We'll have ample room to credit our family, friends, and talented performing loved ones. :)

We've also picked up some cut marbles in light blue to accent the tables.  Anyone have any tips on where to look for dark purple cloth napkins (another decoration)? 

I'm also looking for tips on how to print the addresses.  I'm thinking something quick and easy like Kinko's for the actual invitations, but should we hand write the addresses?  Print them on stickers?  Print them directly on the envelope?  I'm at a loss...

In neighborhood news, John and I went on a walk to Lake Hiawatha this weekend.  On the way home, we stopped at A Baker's Wife (also known as the BAKERY).  Best doughnut I've ever had.  I think we'll have to make it a weekly outing so I can work my way through all of their baked goods :)

Engagement shoot in just over a week!  Must whiten teeth and work out...  Ideas on outfits?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Spring break is officially over, but I had a lovely week playing house.  John and I went off to Penney's and found some great curtains for the living room and dining room.  We also got new curtain rods, so the old sheers are no more.  The new curtains are a light blue with chocolate brown at the bottom. Here they are in the dining room:

And the living room:

I think they look great and they're a great way to add some color to an otherwise pretty beige/brown room.  But it's back to the grind for now- law school and wedding planning!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break Home Updates

Today, with the generous help of mom and dad, John and I got the bedroom painted a nice neutral color.  We were also able to move the sewing table formerly in the office down to the back room of the basement.  Who knows what will eventually be done with the table, but we have a nice bookshelf set up in the office now.  Goodness knows that John and I have enough books between the two of us, so the extra space will be great.

All that is left in the bedroom is to find some wall hangings and a new light fixture.  Any recommendations for something that can replace what we have?

On top of the painting and the furniture rearrangements, we also had some of our new furniture delivered!  The coffee table, end tables, and accent chair are new- bought yesterday at HOM with the help of our solid saleslady, Mary Jo.
Click on the picture to get a better view

The tables actually match the t.v. stand and the legs of the new furniture really well.  In addition to these pieces, we also bought a chair (which will go where the giant green chair is now) that matches the sofa, but that won't get in stock until April.

I'm so excited that everything is coming together.  In wedding news, we're sending save the dates this week via email.  A friend from law school sent me her save the date from last year and they were through a great website called paperless post (  Lots of great options and definitely more wallet friendly than the traditional post.
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