Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to Dublin, Back to Reality

...okay, not really the second part.  We landed in Dublin and made our way to the hotel, where I discovered we have a supreme view from our balcony of a great building that has a changing color light display.  Really cool- we're in an industrial area near the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Today, we went to Malahide to explore Malahide Castle, where I have wanted to go ever since Dublin's Culture Night.  The castle did not disappoint.  First, Malahide is a beautiful place with lots of greenery (changing to autumnal colors) and cute little houses.  The castle was located at the back part of a winding path through various fields and wooded areas.  And the castle was exactly what you picture when you hear the word "castle."  Turrets and stone and just lovely.  We went inside and took the tour, which was also really great and informative.  The furniture was spectacular- most of it dating back to the mid-18th century.  There were great portraits throughout and it was surprising to learn that the castle was actually lived in until the 1970s when it was finally bequeathed to the town.  Another interesting point for me was that the Boswell papers on Samuel Johnson were discovered at Malahide Castle.  Such an interesting place!

Tomorrow, sadly, my parents leave to return to the states.  Fortunately, my fiance will be here in Friday!  Then it's more Dublin tourism followed by a trip to Rome.  Can't wait!

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