Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They Have Trampolines at Orientation

We went to our law/international student orientations today on campus.  My feet and exhausted from all of the walking (we got a little lost trying to get to the first building because of construction on campus), but I'm extremely excited.  I think I am going to join trampoline club!  They have a ton of clubs on campus that colleges in the states would only dream of (wind surfing club, equestrian club, trampoline!) and we got to preview a few.  I hopped up on the trampoline and they told me a few things to do- a tuck jump, split, pike, seat drop- and they told me I should join!  It was so much fun, though a little weird feeling when you stopped bouncing, that I think I will just have to join up.  It may have been a decade since I last did any sort of tumbling/flipping/twisting off a diving board, but I can't pass up the chance to do something that I'd never get to do stateside.

In other news, I'm going into city centre (the middle of Dublin, proper) tomorrow to do some shopping.  Going to get some rain boots, which I'm sure I'll wear bunches, and just look around and see what there is to see.  Will have my camera in tow.


(ps, beautiful day today- temps in the 60s without any rain! (well, some rain, but not all day))


  1. No fair! I want to join the trampoline club.

  2. Unfortunately, trampolines make me pee but, sounds awesome;)

  3. Me too, Courtney! :) I figure I'll make do. But shouldn't you be avoiding trampolines in your condition? ;)


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