Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day Trip to Glendalough

We rented a car and the five of us squeezed in for a trip to go hiking in Glendalough.  Hiking is really a liberal term- the path was paved and wide enough for several strollers (prams).  But it was pretty and there was a sensory garden along the trail by the Upper Lake.  I bought a poncho when we got there and was pleased with the purchase, though had I known the "hiking" was going to be as non strenuous as it was I would have just worn my nice rain jacket instead.  But now I have something handy that I can throw into my laptop bag or my purse just in case.  Lovely shade of army green ;)

I saw some fantastic wool scarves there, but by the time we got back to the car I had forgotten about them until it was too late.  However, that is officially something I will be getting for myself while I'm here.  Beautiful and WARM.

On the way back to Blackrock, we stopped in at Wicklow where the group was decidedly tuckered out.  I wanted to go visit the cathedral up the road, but everyone else just wanted something hot to drink and to get home.  Oh well... I'm just going to have to go exploring on my own tomorrow around town while they all take the car to go buy cheap groceries at a store outside of walking distance

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