Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Class Begins

Yesterday I had my first day of class (and my only day of class for the week).  I'm not sure what the best way to describe it would be, but let's just say that I'm not too terribly concerned about getting the "C" I'll need to earn my passing grade back home.

The day starts with Media Regulation, probably the most demanding course I'll be taking.  The weekly readings are somewhere between 8 and 10 cases.  There's a 1500 word essay due at mid term and a 2 hour exam at the end of the semester.  It's a graduate level course, so the students are closer to our age than in the other, undergraduate courses.  Now, when I say that this will be the most demanding course, that really isn't saying much.  Our professor came in 5 minutes late, then could not log in to the computer, went to find the tech guy and returned 5 minutes later with nothing.  He then proceeded to lecture for 40 minutes, stopping to give us a 10 minute break at about the hour mark of class.  Once the break was over, he had managed to log into the computer and pull up his power point presentation.  An older man sat in front of me and his bald head half-obscured my view of the power point presentation, which ordinarily would have bothered me, but as the professor then went through the SAME lecture he had given the hour before, but this time with power point slides, I wasn't too disturbed.

The next class is Employment Law: Contracts.  This is an undergraduate class and I think I forgot how easy undergrad was.  As an illustration of the lecture which non-law people would understand, it went something like this: "Now, a clock has numbers on it.  There are numbers on the clock. The clock, which has numbers on it, it used to tell time.  You can tell time with a clock.  The numbers, which are on the clock, allow you to tell time on the clock with numbers on it which tells the time..."  In other words: repetitive.  Though, I really felt like I was in law school when I looked around and noticed that the students who had brought their laptops were all on facebook.

Finally, Food and Drug Law.  This class seems like it will be the most interesting.  There are only a handful of law students in the class and the rest are food and nutrition students.  This class is also a graduate level class, but 20% of our grade is based on a power point presentation, which cannot be any longer than 10 minutes.  This is going to be a ridiculous semester.  I only hope I don't get too bored...
I go to class in a castle


  1. If this isn't the semester you tackle Joyce...

  2. I should... With 6 day weekends I could probably manage A Portrait of the Artist, Ulysses, AND Finnegan's Wake. Okay, maybe not Finnegan's Wake. :)

  3. I don't know when I would ever be able to deal with Finnegan's Wake.


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