Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Shopping Success

Thanks to the navigational skills of Elizabeth (fellow UCD/UMN exchange student), the trip to Dublin's city centre was a success.  I found: a great pair of rainboots (wellies) at Barratts that are black with big white polka dots; souvenirs/Christmas gifts at Carroll's for nearly everyone on my list; a fantastic store with over priced but amazing accessories; and a delicious Greek salad.

Today also marks the end of my first full week in Ireland.  I have spent just over 3 times what I hoped to allot myself each month.  However, given that the first four days of hotel living required me to eat out for every meal (no mini fridge or microwave!), and that I also have set up my international phone and my dorm room with all the necessaries, I think I did pretty good.  That said, I am going to try to get back down to budget for the rest of my time here. :)  For now, I'm off to fix some tea and have a relaxing evening.

The River Liffey in Dublin City Centre

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