Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Good News/Bad News Sort of Day

The good news: My presentation went fine.  The bad news: I worked myself into some tummy problems getting nervous beforehand.

The good news: I signed up for and received my membership card for trampoline club. The bad news: My name on the card is "Holly Overguaard."

The good news: I signed up for Irish club for two euro and got an awesome t-shirt (it says "Bun os cionn," which means upside down and has a picture of a bakery bun upside down). The bad news: I left my student ID card at the table.

The good news: I went to the International Student Buddy Program and met a lot of new people who seem really nice. The bad news: I couldn't eat any of the food because my stomach was still upset.

To end of good news though, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find my ID card (which I need to get my student visa); my tummy will be better by the end of the evening (chamomile tea, lots of it!); and I have a quirky souvenir that shows that whether I'm in America or Ireland, no one knows how to spell Overgaard.


  1. Love your posts...no, no one knows how to spell Overgaard, it definetly through me for a loop the first time I heard it, let alone spell it...and does the sun ever shine over there?

  2. It's shining right now... sort of. :)

  3. Trampoline club... really?! How cool is that?

  4. How fun! I just discovered your blog - LOVE reading about Ireland, and it's fun to catch up on your life. Enjoy the Emerald Isle!

  5. You have 2 Blogs! I had no idea you were a blogger :) Having a grand time in Ireland!


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