Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stuck On You: DIY Magnet Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming up soon!  If you still need a sweet little craft, try making a magnet for whoever you're "stuck" on :)  I think these are great teacher or co-worker gifts, too!

You will need:

  • Sculpey (or other polymer clay) in white, light pink, and bright purple
  • A slim stick of some sort (a toothpick could work, or a carving tool found at craft stores)
  • Magnets (the bigger your clay heart, the stronger it should be)
  • Hot glue gun

Start by rolling two smallish balls of the white clay.  I like to use the white clay as a filler and then cover it with colored clay- this way you use less of the colored clay :)

Next, roll the ball into a point on one side- it should look like a raindrop.  Join the two raindrops so their points touch, forming a heart.  Smooth the two pieces together with your fingers.

Roll out a piece of the pale pink clay next.  You can use any sort of rolling tool, but truthfully I used a Sharpie because it was nearby.  Hah!  Place the heart on top of the pale pink and cut away the excess.  Smooth the pale pink around the edges of the heart.  Then, repeat the process on the other side so that the heart is completely covered in pink.  Smooth out any bumps or ridges with your fingers.

Now, take your pointed tool and press it into the heart, creating ridge lines on a diagonal all the way across.  Repeat in the opposite direction, creating a quilted effect.

Finally, roll out tiny pieces of purple and place them into the corners of the quilting.

Bake the heart at 275 degrees for every quarter inch of thickness.  I always like to err on the side of under baking, however, or you run the risk of browning the clay.

Finally, hot glue a magnet to the back of your heart.  Use a glue dot to affix it to a card, and you're done!  So simple!


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