Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Lately

1) Donuts!  And lots of sweets, as usual
2) and 4) We've been working out a bunch lately!  I got a new medicine ball that has really changed up my workouts, and we also got a hangboard, which is great training for rock climbing.
4) Of course, I've been hanging out with this sweetheart too!
1) Valentine's Day started with a delicious living room picnic
2-4) and it continued with a terrific fire, marshmallow toasting, and delicious s'mores (we made them with fudge graham crackers!)
5) and 6) The beautiful bouquet John gave me.  I love flowers!

February has been a great month!  And I'm looking forward to next month even more- it's my birthday month!  I've got lots of DIYs, recipes, and fun birthday ideas lined up to share with you all :)  What have you been up to this month?

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  1. Look how pretty those flowers are! And I love that you have a usable fireplace. I love s'mores! Share your work out routine!

    1. This fireplace has been so wonderful to have! It hasn't been an awful winter by MN standards, but there have been some frigid days for sure! I'd never thought about sharing my exercise routine... I wonder if I can work it into a DIY or recipe post :)

  2. Great pics!it really tells your February story!

  3. Beautiful photos dear !


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