Thursday, February 12, 2015

Be Mine: DIY Bumblebee Bookmark

I can't help it, I think this little guy is so cute!!  And super easy to make, too, I promise!

You will need:

  • Sculpey (or any other polymer clay) in black, bright yellow, white, and pale pink
  • Large paperclip (I found one in pink that I thought was a perfect match to the pink clay)

First, roll out a ball of yellow for the bee's head.  Then, roll out 2 yellow disks (I made one more than I needed to!) of approximately equal size.  You'll also need a smaller, square pyramid of yellow clay.

Next, make two small pink balls for the bee's cheeks.  Press them gently into the yellow ball.  I know bees don't really blush... but he looks pretty cute with rosy cheeks!

Then, make two oval disks out of the white clay.

Now, take your black clay and make two disks about the same size as the yellow disks.  Then, roll out one long, thin snake of black.  Use this snake to outline the wings, add a smile to the bee, and give your bee eyes.

All that's left is the assembly!  Press the disks together, alternating black and yellow, and place the yellow pyramid on the end for the stinger.  Make a small divot at the end opposite the stinger to attach the head.

Press the wings on either side.

Now, stick your paper clip up into the belly of the bee.  If you're using a plain metal paper clip, I think this can stay in while you bake it.  But, if there is any plastic covering on the paperclip, remove it before baking, but keep the slot it makes intact.

Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes for every quarter inch of thickness. I baked mine for about 19 minutes.  Finally, glue your paperclip in place.  Ta da!
Will you BEE mine?

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