Friday, September 6, 2013

Shamrock Rehabilitation

I love having plants around the house.  It's so nice to have something green and leafy (or in this case, red and leafy) all year round.  But sometimes, my plants start to look a little sad.  Whether I forgot to water them, watered too much, or put them in the wrong window, it happens!

Today, I have a solution for one plant problem: droopy sad shamrocks.  I've had this red shamrock for a couple of years, and lately it has started to sag. 
It's a little hard to see, but most of these shamrocks are hanging down below the edge of the pot!

The surprising solution?  Cut off all the shamrocks!
Cut them off as close to the dirt as possible
Keep watering the plant, and a fresh batch of much perkier shamrocks will fill in.  Who knew?

 Do you have a green thumb?


  1. I would never know to do that, so obviously I don't have a green thumb. I tend to kill whatever plants we get. :(


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    1. Lol, poor plants! Well, I had to get the idea from my mom, for what it's worth :)

  2. Going to give these tips to my mom as she looks after all the plants hahah. I agree with Amy, I tend to kill all of our plants haha. But I love seeing them around the house, it just brightens up everything!


    1. I completely agree- they make the whole house happier :)

  3. Awesome! I love plants and I had never seen this purple color before.

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    Paris //
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    1. Oh yeah, I really like my red shamrock- it's such a neat plant :)


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