Friday, September 13, 2013

Painted Picture Frames

This is a totally doable DIY that dresses up plain black picture frames (I even got a couple of my frames from the dollar store!)

You will need:
  • Picture frames
  • Metallic silver spray paint
  • Painters tape
Remove all of the backing and glass from your frame and set aside.  Then, wrap painter's tape around the frame to mark off where you want the silver to cover.  I did a few variations.  I also didn't cover the rest of the frame, which was a bad idea because I got spray on parts I wanted to keep black.  So be sure to place a little bit of tape to hide the rest of the frame as well :)

Then simply spray your frame and let dry!

Remove the tape and use black paint to touch up any spots where the paint bled (or where you forgot to cover the frame and got paint all over).

Put in a picture, and it's ready to hang!  I'll be putting these in my office... coming soon!


  1. I have this project in my list, but I wanna use another colors, the colors you picked are cool, minimalist, and chic... great DIY dear

    1. This would look good in so many colors! Let me know what you end up doing!


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