Monday, September 30, 2013

Life Lately

1) My favorite smoking slippers on the rug at the cabin
2) Hot chocolate at the Rustin Inn in Two Harbors
3) New carpet!!!!! (I'm still really excited)

This month has been crazy!  We had two weddings, school is back in full swing, we got new carpet, and went away for a weekend at the cabin.  Honestly, it's stressful being busy but I prefer it so much more to having too much time on my hands!  I still had time for some crafts, too, so I couldn't have been that busy, right? 

Stay tuned this week for the new book club pick and a spooky Halloween door hanging.
1) Inga and I have been getting up for early morning walks and runs.  The sunrises are always so pretty!
2) It's officially fall! I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season :)
3) My first time on a pedal pub- those things are hard!
4) A roof top view at the end of a bachelorette party
1) Cherry pie from my favorite local bakery, A Baker's Wife
2) Blades of dewy grass on a morning stroll
3) Cupcake tower!  I love cupcakes at weddings!


  1. beautiful photos...i wish i had Starbucks in my city:(

    1. Thanks! No Starbucks?? At least you aren't tempted every time you go grocery shopping ;) there's some good copy cat recipes on Pinterest, though!

  2. A weekend away sounds so relaxing! Oh and I love that colorful rug. Cabins always seem like they would have cute cozy decor, right?

    xo erica

    1. It was so nice to get away :) I totally wanted to steal the rug when we left!


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