Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Book Shelf Makeover

I am so excited to show you all the new office we have upstairs, but first I wanted to show you a piece that I redid for the room.

I took an old bookshelf and painted it white!  I gave it a sanding, wiped it all down, and added a coat of white enamel primer.  Then, two coats of high gloss white paint later, I had a fresh looking bookshelf for my brand new office space!
1 Coat
2 Coats
A few tips to make it easier on you:
1) Don't make my mistake: do two coats of primer if you are covering a dark finish!
2) Use an enamel primer- it adheres better to a glossy finish, so the sanding part of your job is a little less difficult.
3) Don't forget that you'll be using this as a bookshelf!  If there are a few nicks and ugly spots, so what? Cover them up with a book! :)
4) Load up on personal details
I had a few of these big scrapes once I placed my shelves back in.  But no biggie! 
It's all covered up with books now
Scrapes? What scrapes?
A few of my personal touches: a piece of my great grandmother's pottery, along with a picture of her and her dog, Chiquita :)
Books for school
Books for fun
A few more books (it's a bookshelf, after all) and an old camera

How do you accessorize your bookshelves?


  1. Thank for the great tips about painting, I'm thinking bout doing same thing with my unused shelf. I like your blog, care to follow each other?

    1. You'll have to let me know how it turns out! I'll be stopping by your blog :)

  2. Love this! You're so creative. I don't own a book shelf, I should, for work. All my books are on my Kindle. :) I love how you put the decorative pieces on it, it looks great! Can't wait to see your office!!!

    1. Thanks! I think everyone should have a book shelf, but I'm a biased English major ;)

  3. this really look amazing dear!!!
    good job!

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