Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Knotted Headband

Ever since I learned how to belay in rock climbing, I have wanted to make an accessory featuring the retraced figure eight knot.  The retraced figure eight knot is the knot that you use to connect your harness to the rope before you attempt to climb a wall, and it's really kind of pretty!

To make this headband, you will need:
  • Cord
  • 1 hair binder
  • Needle and thread
First, measure out your cord. You'll want enough to wrap around your hairline, twice, and then a little extra for the knot.  Mine measured out to about 3 feet with a little excess in the end.

Once you have cut your cord, you can begin tying your knot.  Again, you will need to measure with your hairline to determine where you want the knot to start.  I chose to start my knot on the left side of my head, so I measured starting at the nape of my neck around the right side of my head and over to the left.  That description is a little confusing, but it will make more sense as we go.  My knot began about 15 inches from the end of my cord.

Now, where you have chosen to begin your knot, make a loop with the cord and wrap the longer end of the cord around the loop, then threading it through.  Our instructor explained it as making an alien head, wrap a rope around its neck, and stabbing it in the eye.  Haha!

Pull the cord until you see the figure eight shape appear. 

Then, loop the end of the cord through your hair binder and retrace the figure eight.  This basically means that you will go back through the knot, following the cord, until you have two figure eights nestled together.

Then, simply thread the cord back through the hair binder and sew the ends of the cord together.  Be sure you measure around your head before you sew the ends together and account for the stretch of the hair binder. 

Trim the excess cord.  If you're using a cord that frays easily, take a lighter and melt the edges.  The thicker the cord, the larger your knot will be.

Voila!  How cute would this be with a natural colored cord and a nautical outfit?


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