Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolution

As a rule, I don't typically make new year's resolutions.  This year, though, I think I'll start a new tradition and make some resolutions.  So, here they are:

1.  Brush up on my languages.  To make this one manageable, I'll do 4 months for each one of my three foreign languages.  Now, don't be impressed: I'm not fluent in any of them.  But I minored in Spanish, took introductory French, and even took two semesters of Hmong during law school.  I am now woefully far from where I once was in Spanish speaking ability, I can barely say four phrases in French, and I'm limited to "Hello, my name is Holly" in Hmong (nyob zoo, kuv lub npe hu ua Holly... it's definitely NOT phonetic).  So, I am starting in reverse chronological order: Hmong first, French second, and Spanish third.  Stay tuned...

2.  Stop biting my nails . . . for good.  I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember.  My parents even bribed me with my choice of nail polish if I stopped for two weeks.  I stopped, picked black nail polish (how stylish was third grade me?), and immediately started biting my nails again.  I managed to lay off once more for the wedding, but when stress rears its ugly head, I'm back to biting.  Any suggestions on how to kick the habit?

3.  Learn to play the guitar.  How great would that be?  John has one, but insists he isn't any good.  So, I guess it falls to me to dust off the guitar and put it to use.  We'll see how it goes.  I used to play the violin, so I hope my experience with a stringed instrument will give me a jump start.  Anyone know of any good online tutorials?

Three seems to be a good number, so I'm going to focus on these and see what happens!

Do you have any resolutions?


  1. Happy 2012 Holly!! Those are fabulous resolutions - I especially love the language ones. I studied German for 12 years and have rapidly forgotten it!! I also need to brush up on my languages before I lose them! Another resolution is to eat more vegan and less processed food (cook more and eat out less too). xo

  2. happy 2012! good luck with your resolutions!



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