Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Etsy Trinkets

I've recently added a few new items to my etsy shop- you should check them out!

I have a pair of marcasite tassel earrings that I made in the same way as the drop tassel DIY tutorial.  I think they're really pretty.  I especially like the natural deep green stone with the gold.
Malachite earrings

I also have a whole bunch of gift tags along the same lines as my gift tag DIY tutorial.  I even have a listing to let you custom order your shape and words!
Valentine's gift tags in white, pink, and red!
I'm so excited to be back and adding items to my shop!  I hope you enjoy! :)

If you want to order anything from my shop, I'm currently running a 20% off special!  Just use the code VALENTINE20 when you place your order!


  1. I am so excited about your shop!!! I love it. Keep the goodies coming :)

  2. Thanks, Alena! I'm going to be adding some super cute gift tags later this week- sweetheart candy inspired! :)

  3. ooh, really liking those malachite earrings!! Can't wait to browse your shop!


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