Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Window Treatments!

It has been a looong time coming, but we finally have new window treatments up in our bedroom.  The curtains that were up are curtains I remember from when I was a little girl and my grandparents lived here.  They were OLD (at least two decades, most likely more).
The old bedroom.  Old paint, old curtains, old bedding.  Old, old, old.  And very blue...
Well, we've painted over the blue walls and the printed paneling, we got new bedding as a wedding gift, and at long last, we have new shades.
Not the best picture... trouble with windows is they're usually back lit :)

I still plan to dress up the windows a little bit (maybe with some sheer panels?) but these are far and away better than the old curtains.  They were so bad that we couldn't even open them- they would just fall off the wall if you pulled the cord!  Much better. 

What do you think- What should I do to finish them off?


  1. Nice upgrade! I would just get some nice long patterned curtains down to the flor-also, raising the curtain rod up to the ceiling is always a good idea, to give the illusion of extra height!

  2. Aww, this looks wonderful! Amazing makeover! I love the vintage mirror and the seetee! They look wonderful!

    xx Ivana

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    1. Thanks! The settee is very old- reupholstered by my grandparents back in the day. Someday, when I've run out of other hobbies, I'd love to reupholster it myself in a nice rich fabric...

  3. It makes such a difference Holly! Great makeover :) I think sheer panels would be great too - pretty and airy. xo


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