Monday, October 18, 2010


On Sunday, I went to McDonald's for lunch.  I know, I know!  But when I went to fill my head injury prescriptions, the pharmacy wasn't yet open, so I thought I would grab lunch and McDonald's was right next door.  As you no doubt would suspect, there is a lot that is different about Irish McDonald's from U.S. McDonald's.  First, the prices.  It's not outrageous, but it's still a good deal more expensive.  While you can get a hamburger for a euro, if you want a Big and Tasty meal, it's going to cost you over 8 euro.  They also have bendy straws, fish sticks as a kid's meal option, and Rolo McFlurries (maybe this is in the states too by now, but it looked delicious).

I ordered a hamburger and some cheesy bites (little rounds of deep fried cheese- I couldn't say no!) along with a small sprite.  The small sized drink is actually a small- think McDonald's kid's size in the U.S.  The hamburger was fine, but it didn't have that same taste to it- probably a lack of grease all over the bun.  Unfortunately, I had to wait for my cheesy bites to be made.  After standing for a few seconds by the counter, the cashier told me to go and sit- they'd bring them out to me!  Table side service?  At McDonald's?  I was beginning to forget where I was until a pair of grandparents came in with their grandson, who proceeded to run around the restaurant screaming, barking, yelling, and acting downright  . . . American.  Ah, yes, some things are the same no matter where you go.

As for me, I finished my cheese bites (delicious, but there were only four), got my prescription filled, went home, and went to bed.

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