Friday, October 29, 2010

London: Day Three

Day three in London we woke up a little earlier and headed out to our new breakfast spot.  When the waitress came over, she said she had already started our drinks and then proceeded to say what we had the day before, asking if we wanted the same.  Great start to the day.  Then we were off to take our boat trip.  Unfortunately, the boat was packed and we didn't feel much like standing for the three hours it would take for the boat to go up and down the river.  So, we went off the the London Eye, conveniently located about 50 steps from the boat dock.  Unfortunately (again), it was a boat load of money to go on the London Eye.  So, we had ticked two things off our to do list without doing anything.

Onward to the London Aquarium, success this time.  We wandered through, and it was pretty amazing.  I got some great photos of some of the aquatic life.  There were a few moments when I wanted to throttle a stranger's child (screaming children, shrieking at the tops of their lungs), but I made it through with my sanity, without a headache, and without harming anyone.  After the aquarium, we shared a crepe, which was hot and delicious.  Then we were off to wander around Westminster Abbey.  Took a bunch of pictures there and made our way back.

We've also done a little shopping today (and I picked up a few more gifts for folks back home) and found a quiet little garden with an unusual history too.  St. Johns' Garden is a short walk from the hotel and is a quiet respite from the busy streets.  Sitting on the benches though is a little eerie with the knowledge that thousands of bodies are buried under the garden.  It used to be a graveyard and was so popular that they would bury people on top of other graves because of the high demand.  During the 1700s, the graveyard was guarded at night to protect against body snatchers who wanted something (someone) to dissect.  Spooky!

After relaxing in the garden for a minute, we headed back to the hotel for the evening.  Dinner in the lounge and a relaxing night of packing and getting ready for our departure.  Tomorrow we leave for Paris!!  I cannot wait!!

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