Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glory and Freedom for Birthday Cake

There is a fantastic Chinese restaurant in Blackrock that does take away called Glory.  It is the perfect food for when I'm feeling a little homesick or nostalgic because, unlike the "American" fare served some places, the Chinese food at Glory tastes just like Chinese food in America.  I have always walked to the restaurant and ordered my take away there, but it's good to know in case the weather is bad that they deliver.  Not only that, but they do catering as well.  Their take away menu advertises proudly at the bottom: "We also cater for parties and free a birthday cake!"  This, I think, is great because birthday cakes are too often treated like caged animals.  It's about time someone took a stand and freed a birthday cake.

I went to Glory today because I was feeling a little lonesome after Kim and Brent left for home this morning after their wonderful visit.  That, and I've eaten out so much with Kim and Brent that I feel like I need to ween myself off of it slowly.  Glory seemed like the perfect solution.  All in all, their stay was a fantastic one.  It was so nice to have people here I've known for years and to get to just hang out.  The tours and sight seeing we did was great too, and gave me a lot of good ideas for when I have other visitors.  So while I'm sad to see them go, it's just a little over a week before my next round of visitors begin.  And in the meantime, I'll have Glory to tide me over.

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