Monday, June 24, 2013

Updated Doorbell

Hello all, happy Monday! 

I showed you all earlier the update that I did for our porch light.  It was much needed and made such a big difference!  While we were out there putting the light up, I noticed our pathetically decrepit doorbell:
I mean, how sad is that?  And how did I not notice it sooner??  Well, I guess I'm not really out ringing my own doorbell all that often...

So, a new one was a must!  

Isn't it amazing what a big difference such small changes can make?  Do you like the change?


  1. It looks great! It really is the small details that make all the difference. Ours is cracked so we need a new one.


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  2. It's funny how you don't notice things when you see them everyday. This new doorbell is much better!

  3. Yes, it looks great! Sometimes the smallest touch can make the biggest difference : )

  4. LOVE it! That's such a small change but it makes such a difference! x

  5. so much better... this place is changing!!! LOL

  6. Wow, it really makes such a big difference. Love the update.

    xo erica


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