Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Having our happy little puppy has been one of the most wonderful things!  Having all of the mess that comes with a puppy has been... a little less wonderful.  One of the worst offenders is the small table in our kitchen:

With the food, the treats, the puppy pills, the plants, and the leashes the table was just overrun and completely useless for any kitchen prep work.  I decided that some of the clutter had to be organized, so I bought a wall hook from Home Depot and installed it near our back door as a leash hanger.

Be sure to use the leashes (or whatnot) on the hanger to help place the hanger before you screw it in
Now our leashes are now in one handy, organized spot for quick access on our way out the door, and the table is much much clearer.

 And it's ready to use for some tasty recipes :)  Hopefully the first in many organization projects!


  1. What a good idea for leashes! And oh my, that puppy is so cute!!! Is it a German shepherd by any chance?

    1. We actually have no idea what kind of dog she is! She's short, long, and squat like a corgi... but not quite big enough. We joke that she's the first miniature German shepherd :)

  2. LOL!! This is my life. I've got two furry little ones tearing through my house.

    I love the idea of the hook by the door for the leashes. That ought to help with the clutter. Now, if I can just get them to stop bringing sticks and dirt into the house. Oh well, I love the little buggers despite their puppy messes! :)


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