Monday, November 28, 2011

Tea Wreath

I found this project on Pinterest, and even though the lovely kojodesigns blog has a great tutorial, I couldn't help but share my own experience with this tea wreath project!

I used:

1 piece corrugated cardboard
2 pieces of scrapbooking paper
Elmer's glue
a handful of clothespins (the number you use will depend on how big your wreath is)
tea  (the same number as your clothespins)

Use a template to measure a circle on your cardboard.  I used a large mixing bowl and traced around it.
Cut out the cardboard and then measure off a clothespin's width all the way around for your center circle.  Cut out the center circle.
 Trace the wreath onto one of the scrapbooking papers.  Cut out the paper and glue it to the cardboard (I glued mine to the decorated side, leaving the blank side as the back).  Leave a margin on the inside ring so you can fold the paper around the edge and have a pretty inside.

Then, cut out the complimentary paper and cover the clothespins.  Glue the clothespins around the wreath so they open to the outside.

Wait at least several hours for the glue to set before using the wreath.

I brought this to my parents as a thank you for hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  I think it would make a great Christmas card holder once the tea is used up!


  1. very very cute!


  2. Love this! What a fabulous hostess gift and I love the idea of using it for Christmas cards too! xo


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