Monday, November 7, 2011

Pizza Crescent Rolls

Long ago, when I visited the lovely Kim in D.C., she made chocolate crescent rolls by sprinkling chocolate chips in the Pillsbury strips and rolling them up.  They were delicious and oh-so-good with a bowl of fresh fruit and the idea got filed away into the way back of my mind.

When I was grocery shopping the other day, I was trying to think of new dinner ideas and the chocolate croissants came back to me.  I decided to try a savory, dinner version: pizza crescent rolls!

You will need:
1 package of crescent rolls
mozzarella cheese
and pizza toppings- we chose mushrooms and pre-sliced pepperoni

Pre-heat the oven according to the crescent roll instructions (ours was 375 degrees) and arrange the dough on an ungreased baking pan
Add a layer of cheese
Next, add the other toppings.  If you're using any veggies, you should pre-cook them so they're tender.  Concentrate the toppings at the widest part of the triangle of dough.  You can add an extra layer of cheese if you want (we did!).
Then, roll the dough starting at the wide part and ending at the tip.

We even topped ours with a little bit of cheese!  Finally, pop the rolls in the oven for the instructed time or until they are golden brown.
We left out the marinara thinking it might make the crescent rolls soggy.  The rolls were great without it, but if you really miss the sauce, a warm dish full would be a great dip for these rolls.  Yummy!

Stay tuned this week- I'll be posting a super easy delicious dessert AND some pictures of our brand new puppy!  She's coming to live with us tomorrow! :)


  1. I am buying the ingredients for this tonight! Special thanks to Rohini Ramnath for bringing this blog to my attention.

  2. These are fabulous and so easy! Although, I'm afraid I'd eat all of them myself and then have a lot of hungry dinner guests :)

    And a PUPPY?!? Ohhhhh. So exciting. Can't wait to see pictures!!

  3. I do these ALL the time - SO GOOD


  4. I'lldo it. If you want to fly on the coast Californians, visit my blog. Frances


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