Friday, November 4, 2011

Bell Pepper Egg Rings

I really enjoy having breakfast for dinner.  Honestly, I'll take any excuse to eat bacon.  And recently, I made breakfast for dinner with bacon (of course), eggs, and some pepper rings.

I buttered up our griddle and used the pepper rings like egg fry rings!  They were a little bit messy at first (maybe I should have waited for the griddle to get hotter), but they cleaned up pretty nice!

I like my eggs cooked through- most would say over cooked- so I broke my yolks.  John likes his cooked like a normal person, so I did his over easy.  They were delicious.  The peppers added a great flavor to the traditional eggs and bacon.


  1. These are adorable!! Sadly, I HATE red/green/yellow peppers. I keep trying to like them, but no luck yet. Have a wonderful weekend Holly!!

  2. SUCH a good idea! trying this SOON - just did the same thing with some wheat bread last night - but like this idea better!


  3. Grace, You made bread rings?? Or was it like toad in the hole? Sounds tasty...


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