Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo Shoot

Today, John and I had our engagement photo shoot.  We met up with David and Kristen Drufke from Onsite Photography at the Como Conservatory (where John proposed to me!).  It was a bunch of fun, but maybe a little bit awkward at first.

We did our first half hour inside the conservatory, and it was really beautiful.  They are having a spring flower display in one of the rooms which was gorgeous and smelled amazing.  There were also lots of orchids all around, which were a lot of fun to look at in between posing.  Como requires you to buy a permit for any indoor posed photography, but it's relatively cheap and well worth the views.  I can't wait to see how some of the shots turned out.

The next hour or so we spent on the grounds around the conservatory doing a few shots here and there.  Then we took a quick jaunt to the Bear Lake area across the street.  I think there will be some fun pictures from there.  The first stop was a man made waterfall which wasn't running.  But the rock formations looked neat, so there might be some good shots.  After that, we wandered around the building at the site and did a few pictures on a dock.  What was really neat was that the dock was surrounded by mostly frozen water.  As a result, the dock was raised in some spots and not in others, giving it some great angles.

Overall, John and I had a bunch of fun.  The beginning was a little awkward, but it got better the more relaxed we became.  We should have the pictures pretty soon.  Then John and I can pick some that we really like and they'll be incorporated into our guestbook!  :)

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