Monday, March 28, 2011

The Paper Trail

Almost all of the paper goods are purchased (now to get them printed!), but I had to share about our great finds.  Check it out!,default,pd.html?start=52&cgid=products-wedding-bridesexclusive

The programs aren't pictured, but the link above will show them.  What a stroke of luck that they came in our colors!  Like I said in an earlier post, we got them all at Michael's, so they were a steal!  The programs are the most recent purchase and are like a small book with the pattern on both sides of the cover.  We'll have ample room to credit our family, friends, and talented performing loved ones. :)

We've also picked up some cut marbles in light blue to accent the tables.  Anyone have any tips on where to look for dark purple cloth napkins (another decoration)? 

I'm also looking for tips on how to print the addresses.  I'm thinking something quick and easy like Kinko's for the actual invitations, but should we hand write the addresses?  Print them on stickers?  Print them directly on the envelope?  I'm at a loss...

In neighborhood news, John and I went on a walk to Lake Hiawatha this weekend.  On the way home, we stopped at A Baker's Wife (also known as the BAKERY).  Best doughnut I've ever had.  I think we'll have to make it a weekly outing so I can work my way through all of their baked goods :)

Engagement shoot in just over a week!  Must whiten teeth and work out...  Ideas on outfits?


  1. Joe and I printed our invitations at Kinko's. It worked out pretty well. Before I printed mine there, I read online that they might change the formatting of your documents (centering, margins, etc.). What ended up working best for us was printing out the invitation on a white sheet with everything formatted correctly and then making copies onto the invitations themselves.

    As for addressing the invitations, I hand-wrote all of mine. I wasn't a fan of how stickers looked for our save-the-date envelopes.

    Also, we found the cutest favor boxes at Michael's and bought our own ribbon to go with them. Loved them (and so did our guests)!

  2. Katrina, that's an interesting idea for printing invites...

    I'm leaning toward hand writing the envelopes, Emily Post tells me to, but it just seems SO time consuming!


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