Thursday, April 28, 2011

A New Focus

Law school is over.  Well, technically, I still have an exam and the actual graduation on May 14th, but classes are over and it's all down hill from here.

At an end of law school celebration, I was talking with a friend who asked me what I would blog about now.  There's still wedding planning and sporadic home updates, but most of the big projects are done.  So I wondered too, what will I blog about?

And so I have decided to revision my blog.  A new design (do you like it?), a new tag line, and new subjects to post on.  I used to be quite the dabbler before law school.  I painted, drew, made arts and crafts projects - I even designed and sewed purses for a while.  Now that the shackles of law school have been lifted, I feel a return of creativity.  I'll still post on wedding updates and other projects, but I'm also going to get back into the things I lost along the way to graduation.  The first being an idea I had before I left for my semester abroad.  Stay tuned!

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