Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Eating Right

...and exercising.  Two things that I do not frequently feature on this blog.  I'm more likely to be sharing cookie recipes.  But, truth be told, as much as I would like to, I do not subsist on cookies alone.  Instead, I eat a lot of healthy foods.  The exception seems to be this past week.  As I mentioned, I just got back from a trip to New Orleans, and I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in beignets.  However, it is back to reality.  Which means, it is also back to eating salads and working out.

A while ago, a reader suggested that I share my workout schedule and what better time than when my resolve to get in shape is back in full force.  So, here you have it: some of my favorite healthy dishes and my general workout plan.  :)
I love potatoes!  Eating them with lots of greens is a great way to enjoy something a little less than healthy 
I love this twist on a classic tuna and avocado salad- lots of radishes add a delicious crunch

I try to make sure all of my salads have protein!

My take on a nicoise salad- no sardines because of the sodium, and lots of tomatoes!

I like to workout most days of the week.  I'm not always perfect, but I try to stick with a routine as much as possible.

Mondays: Run.
Tuesdays: Run, weights, hangboard
Wednesdays: Run
Thursdays: Run, weights, hangboard
Fridays: Rock climbing
Saturdays: Yoga (if I can make myself)
Sundays: Rock climbing

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I go for a longer run.  This is usually about 50 minutes, but sometimes I aim for a set distance instead.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go for a shorter run- 20 minutes or so.  Then I do about 30 minutes of weights.  I do both arms and legs and I mix it up between hand weights and a medicine ball.  I love looking on Pinterest for workout moves, and I usually put together some of my favorites from a few different sites.  One of my current favorite moves is using the medicine ball to do offset push ups.  After weights, John and I do a hangboard workout.  Hangboards are a training tool for rock climbing- it's like a pull up bar but with little pockets and slopes to hang onto instead.  It's super hard, but also awesome :)

Fridays and Sundays are my favorites: we rock climb.  We go to a gym called Vertical Endeavors.  It's amazing and tons of fun.  Some days feel terrible, but even the worst days are good days if you love what you're doing!

Saturdays are my nemesis.  It's not that I don't like yoga- I do!  I always feel better after I do it, but it's SO HARD for me to make myself start.

So, what are your favorite (and least favorite!) ways to stay healthy?


  1. Everything looks delicious dear !!!


  2. I'm a huge fan of healthy eating. I would love to try each of those meals:)))
    Have a good day!

    1. Me too :) though I love some good chocolate and a glass of wine, too. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Eating healthy helps your mind, body and soul. Your body will start appreciating the change in your diet and you will feel much better. And of course healthy eating is really the healthiest way to lose weight.
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