Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY Custom Glass Nail File

I love glass nail files.  My mom got me a pair several years ago, and I have been using them ever since- the same pair!  They last forever, you can clean them, and they're better for your nails because they cause less tearing.

My little pair used to have a martini glass on the end, but years of use had worn away the design.  That's when I thought I would paint my own on!  It is so simple to do :)

You will need:

  • A glass nail file, cleaned and wiped dry
  • Martha Stewart glass paint in Garnet Fine Glitter and Green Gold Metallic

Simply draw on a heart in the red glitter paint, and dot on golden polka dots all around it.  I love these Martha Stewart paints because they have a pointed tip at the end.  So, you can squeeze some out on a palette and use a paint brush, or you can just apply directly from the bottle.

Let dry, then admire your new file as you primp and pamper your nails :)

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