Thursday, January 29, 2015

You Rock! Valentines

I tried to save my Valentine posts for February... but I just couldn't resist!  This is beyond easy to make, and I think it happens to be pretty darn cute :)

You will need:

  • River rocks (I get mine at the dollar store!)
  • Metallic Sharpies
  • Heart shaped cards (available at Michael's)
  • Glue dots

This is really as simple as drawing a heart on the rocks and sticking them on the card with a glue dot or two.  Add a "You rock!" message, and you're done!

I think this might win the prize for easiest DIY I've ever posted...

Are you in the Valentine mood yet?


  1. This is so cute!! I don't know why, but I just love rocks. I'll have to check my dollar store. I don't remember seeing them there before.

    1. Thanks! I found them in the floral aisle... I think river rocks are so pretty :)


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