Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Golden Holly Leaves Ornament

I am absolutely in the Christmas spirit!  I have our tree set up, the mantle decorated, the stockings hung, and I'm well into my Christmas shopping :)  I just can't help myself- maybe I'm part elf?

Today I've got another simple ornament DIY for you to try.  The thing I like best about this one is that because the glass is left clear, you really only have to do about half the decorating! ;)  Now, I did this on a smaller ornament, but you could easily do it on a larger sized ornament as well.

You will need:

  • Glass ornament
  • Martha Stewart's glass paint in an opaque gold
  • Glass paint in a translucent gold glitter
  • Paint brushes
  • Red ribbon
  • Tiny jingle bell

Simply paint ovals in sets of three using the opaque gold glass paint and a small, flat brush.  You will probably want to do two coats to be sure it looks solid.  Paint sets of three all over the ornament.
sorry for the blurry photo!

Next, take a smaller, pointed brush and add three spikes on each side of each leaf.  This makes it look like holly!  Again, you might have to double up on coverage.

Then, take the applicator of the opaque gold to squeeze curly lines from one cluster of leaves to another.  This is easiest if you are always moving the bottle from the bottom of the ornament to the top, in an upward movement.  It helps keep the lines smooth.

Finally, once the opaque gold has dried, paint on some gold glitter.  Let it dry, then add a red ribbon and a jingle bell.

It's ready to hang on the tree or get wrapped as a lovely gift!

Merry One-Month-Til-Christmas!


  1. Love the holiday elegance of this ornament! I've also been diy-ing ornaments this year! Oh and I'm totally there with you with the Christmas fever!

    xo erica

    1. Thanks!

      It feels like theres something about this year making me especially christmas-y... ;)


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