Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Gold Polka Dot Candle Holder

Polka dots are just about the cutest thing, and there's something about metallic polka dots that make them even better... So, that is why I decided to try out this idea for a candle holder.  I was really happy with how it turned out!

You will need:
  • Glass candle holder (check your dollar store for good options)
  • Circle stickers (I used smiley faces and other "teacher" stickers, haha)
  • Gold metallic spray paint

First, place your stickers onto your candle holder.  You can do these in a very symmetrical pattern, but I decided to concentrate my dots at the bottom and taper out toward the top.  Sort of a polka dotted ombre..

Next, on a protected surface, spray paint the candle holder.

Let it dry and then peel off your stickers.  So simple!

I love the pattern it makes on the table runner and wall, too!


  1. This is so cute!!! My mom made a candle holder for me and it is sort of a metallic splatter look. Not sure how she did it but maybe similar to what you did.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. Thank you! Yours sounds really cute! I wonder if she used maybe a spray bottle with water to break up the paint...?

  2. I actually have that spray paint :D I've been looking for ways to dress up some candle holders for the wedding and I'm loving how this looks lit up. I'll be trying this one out.

    xo erica

    1. Erica, I can't wait to see all the wedding things you've been planning!


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