Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Wax Painting

Is it still painting if you're using wax?  I don't know... and I don't really care because I think the results are pretty awesome.

You will need:
  • Sealing wax in multiple colors
  • Lighter (yes, mine is shaped like a gun)
  • Canvas
Simply melt the wax and let it drip onto the painting.  Super easy!

If you're lucky, the colors might melt together some and create a cool effect.

You can also tilt the canvas as you go, letting the wax run until it cools.  I did mine in sort of a gradient, with the black concentrated in one corner and the gold concentrated in the other corner.

Totally doable!


  1. Nice! I love the black and gold!

  2. Love the black and gold!

    I bought my brother that same lighter :)

  3. That looks amazing and even looks like something that a completely inartistic person like myself could do!

  4. OMG! this is a fun way to do art... you´re so smart =) is a beautiful piece of art

  5. oh wow, such a great idea :-)

    if you want, join my blogger project on my blog

  6. Oh my gosh, Holly, I love this! How creative, I never would have thought of using wax. I love the colors you used and it turned out awesome. Great job!

    1. Thank you, Jackie! :) it would be a good fit with all your splatter decor!


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