Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Halloween Plaque

I've got another Halloween DIY for you all to try this weekend!  Getting fancy lettering like this is way easier than you'd think.  Trust me, it's totally doable!

You will need:

First, paint over your dollar store plaque (or whatever you've picked out as your base) with white paint.  Allow to dry completely.

While it's drying, work on your Fiddums Family print out.  You'll first need to download the font (see above for the link).  Then, in a Word document, orient your page to "landscape" and type "TRICK or TREAT" in the Fiddums Family font.  Adjust your font size until it matches the measurements of your plaque, then print!

Now, here is a fun trick that I learned years ago and use all the time.  If you want to transfer an image but can't trace it, you can scribble on the back with a graphite pencil.

Then, flip the paper over onto your plaque (dry by now).  Trace over the outline of your message with a pencil.  The pressure from the pencil tip will transfer the graphite onto the plaque, giving you a copy of your printout!

Fill in your outline with black paint.

Then, add some candy corn and pumpkins to the plaque and paint them in.

For a nice, neat outline on the candy corn, skip the paint brush and use a black sharpie instead!

Ta da!  Get ready for goblins!


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