Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Spiderweb Nails

Trick or treat!!  Along with a super simple Halloween costume, I decided to don a set of more complicated fingernails.  Despite how intricate they might appear, the look is surprisingly easy to create.

You will need:
  • Base coat (I used OPI)
  • Black nail polish (I used Revlon in Stiletto)
  • Grey nail polish (mine is L'Oreal in Greycian Goddess)
  • Nail art pens in black and white (mine is Kiss brand, found at Target)
  • Top coat (You can't go wrong with Seche Vite)
Apply your base coat and follow up with a base layer of color.  I did almost all black nails, with grey on my ring finger nails.

Allow the polish to dry completely.  This is super important; if you jump the gun, the nail art pens won't do much except smudge your polish.  Then, simply draw on your designs and top with a clear top coat!

Fortunately for you, I'm only showing my right hand (I'm left handed). The trickiest part of this all is drawing with your non dominant hand :)

Happy Halloween!

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