Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Wedding Card Ornaments

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? ;)  I also love the idea of finding new uses for old things.

I saw this tutorial on Martha Stewart and thought it was a great idea!  Unfortunately, her ornament idea called for upcycling old Christmas cards, and I didn't have any old ones laying around.  What we did have was oodles of wedding cards and shower cards.  Rather than keeping them in a box or throwing them out (I could never!), I thought that this would be a lovely way to make use of them.

To repeat the directions from Martha, trace and cut out 20 smallish circles (about an inch or a little bigger) for the each small ornament and 20 circles the size of a drinking glass mouth for the larger ornaments. I used two different sized cookie cutters to trace the circles.

Once you have 20 cut out, cut just one more and then cut it into an equilateral triangle.  I'm sure there is some mathematical way to do this, but I couldn't figure it out.  So, I did my best and it turned out fine :)

Use the triangle as a guide to score the back side of each circle, making folding the circles easier.

Then, just glue the flaps together to form a ball!  Five as the top, five as the bottom, and ten around the middle to join the two ends together!

We will have these ornaments for our tree and be able to enjoy them year after year.  Plus they'll look really cute piled into a large glass jar :)


  1. that's a really really really great idea!


  2. This is brilliant!! I still have a ton of our old wedding stuff that I don't want to throw away, but have no idea what to do with it. You always have the best DIY's!! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  3. Amazing idea! I will try this at home. :)

    Heel in Mint


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