Saturday, December 31, 2011

(Belated) Christmas Cheer

So, I'm still coming down off of a Christmas high.  We had a fabulous Christmas with wonderful company and delicious food.  Despite it being our first time hosting Christmas, the day went smoothly with only one snafu: Inga's food jar was on the floor since we were using the table in the dining room and John forgot to put the lid on!  After her lunch, we found her head first up to her shoulders helping herself to who knows how much more food.  Oops!  But hey, it's Christmas.  It's only fair that the dog gets to over-indulge as well.  :)

Some of my Christmas highlights:
I love this tree! 
I usually only see it from the Cedar Ave. bridge; thanks to my brother for the up-close shot
Cupcake decorating set.
I have a feeling you'll be seeing this in some upcoming posts...
Our table, fiestaware all around
Our poached pear dish, caramel and ice cream included
I love when even the dirty dishes look pretty!
 I think I'm finally ready to move on past Christmas... :)  Happy new year!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love colored plates...they always look beautiful! Happy New year!!! :)

    Heel in Mint


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