Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Bird Ornaments

 Ever since first grade, I have made my family ornaments for Christmas like this bird (circa 1998):
Made from Sculpey and painted with craft paint
I also recently bought a letter stamping kit.  I didn't have plans for it, but it was on sale and I figured I could make some gifts with it somewhere along the line.  Then, I found this little picture on pinterest and thought it was the perfect idea!

To make my version, you will need:

Sculpey clay (or any polymer clay)
Screw eyes
Letter stamps (I used metal ones, but rubber stamps would work too)
Craft acrylic paint
Ribbon (or string or an ornament hook)

Simply shape your bird (Jessica Jane has a great easy to follow tutorial) and screw the screw eye into the top of your bird.  Make sure you line it up so that it will hang correctly when you add the ribbon.

Then, stamp away with whatever festive word you choose!  I got a package of 8 screw eyes and went a little over board with the birdies... :)

Once the birds are done, bake at 275 degrees for every quarter inch of thickness- I baked mine for 25 minutes.  I prefer to under bake to be on the safe side because the clay tends to brown if left in too long.

Let them cool and then paint small sections at a time, sprinkling glitter on as you go!  They're so pretty and fun- I can't wait to give them as gifts!


  1. Super cute! I need to get some letter stamps! :)

  2. These are beautiful!! Such a wonderful gift for your family and friends :) Can't wait to see what else you do with the letter stamp!

  3. Thank you! I just thought, too, that rubber stamps with a picture (like a star or a tree) would be super cute too!

  4. ooo these are SO CUTE and Alena is right...great for a gift!


  5. Love love these birds! I will have to remember them for next year because this year I went Shutterfly crazy for my family's gifts...

  6. Great idea, I love handmade decorations. They are great gifts. Super cute. Thanks for sharing.


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