Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Treats

For my bachelorette party last Friday, I decided to make a bunch of sweet goodies to eat while we sipped wine and played games.  On the menu were brownies, fudge, and chocolate dipped frozen bananas.  Nom nom nom!  First, the fudge.  If you like fudge or know someone who does, I highly recommend the Famous Fudge Kit by Carnation.  It includes virtually everything you need to make a tray of fudge, including the tray!  The only thing you have to add is two tablespoons of butter.  You can opt to add walnuts, hazelnuts, peppermints, etc., but I decided to keep it simple and just make plain old fudge.

The brownies were from a box, I have to admit, but they were made with love :)  Also, they were made without water, which I was supposed to add but forgot.  They turned out so well though that I think I'm going to skip adding water from here on out!

The chocolate dipped frozen bananas, on the other hand, were made from scratch.  Though I have to say, it's not as impressive as it sounds.  Here is the link to the recipe I found by the Joy of Baking.

All you need to do is freeze skewered, two inch pieces of bananas, melt some semi sweet chocolate, and dip!  I rolled my dipped bananas in hazelnuts, chocolate sprinkles, and sprinkled some pink sugar on a few for a fun variety.  Here's a few pictures of the sweet treats:
Melting the chocolate- a pyrex bowl in a pot is a great makeshift double boiler!
Hazelnut topping- yes, I still need a food processor!
More toppings
The finished product
A tip on the frozen bananas: work quickly to get them covered in chocolate before the bananas start to rewarm.  This will help keep the banana on the skewer and harden the chocolate more quickly.  Another tip, make sure you actually serve the frozen bananas instead of forgetting them in the freezer... Oops!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful bachelorette party! The food looks AMAZING. Anything involving chocolate makes me happy :)

  2. Thanks, Alena! We had a great time :) And I agree, chocolate is always a mood lifter!


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