Monday, May 30, 2011

See the Light

It's Memorial Day Weekend, the official home improvement weekend!  Our big project right now is improving the house's curb appeal.  We bought new house numbers this weekend to that end.  But, since that is an on-going project, I'll post later on the finished product.

For now, we have a small project to share with you.  In an earlier post, I wondered about what would look good as a replacement to our bedroom sconce.  It's a sort of strange light fixture because there is only one sconce, and it is right next to the light switch in the entrance.

So, on the day we went to Home Depot in search of new house numbers, we figured we would check out the light fixtures they had.  We found one we liked and had a nice, little project to do.  First we had to take down the old fixture and do some painting around the edges.
Ah, the old paneling rises again
After that, I called in our handy maintenance man (aka my fiance, John) to hit the circuit breaker and hook up the wiring.
Handsome AND handy!
And, presto!  We have our new wall sconce!

It works, too


What do you think?  An improvement, no?


  1. ♥nice post.)) love your blog.)♥

  2. What did you do with the old light? Granted I have unusual taste, but I much preferred it and would give it a home in a heartbeat.


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