Monday, May 16, 2011

Me and My Green Thumb

This past week or two, John and I have been working over time on our yard.  The flower beds had been over taken by grass the last three years, so we've worked on getting it out of the beds (it's been a LONG process).

My dad also removed a completely overgrown bush from the front lawn and we replaced it with three smaller bushes, a bunch of begonias, and some creeping phlox.  (Here is where I smack my forehead for not taking before and after pictures)
Yes, I know, I need to water- but it really has only been one day!

And during the long (LONG!) winter, the corner in the back yard became a resting place for all sorts of items: an old doormat, several shovels, a rake (really?), sidewalk salt containers . . . and the list goes on.  Again, I wish I had taken before and after photos.

I also put some potted plants on the steps in the front of the house.  So happy it's finally spring!

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