Thursday, May 21, 2015

Beg, Borrow, Steal: Classic Shortbread


I don't know why, but shortbread has always been something that sort of intimidated me.  Something about the pretty shapes, the little holes, it just looked daunting!  Plus, it's so buttery and crumbly, that I figured it was a fine line between doing it right and ending up with a big old mess.

When I found this recipe for shortbread by Add a Pinch on Pinterest, I figured... okay.  I can try this.  And man, it was easy!  There are only four ingredients, and the hands-on time is super minimal.  I was able to do the dishes and get a workout in while I was making these!  The only thing that went "wrong" is how quickly I ate it all... #sorrynotsorry


If you are like me and have been scared to try your hand at shortbread, let me assure you: it couldn't be easier!  In fact, making this was so totally doable that I'll be using this recipe as a base for some fun shortbread flavor combinations.

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