Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Santa Ornament

I'm still working away at some final few gifts, and I've got another ornament for you to try.  I don't know why, but this little guy makes me think of a Muppet Santa...  Is it just me?

You will need:

  • 2 paintbrushes: one flat and one pointed
  • White porcelain ornament
  • Martha Stewart multi-surface paint in:
    • Some skin tone color (I used a mix of Gold Mother of Pearl and Brushed Bronze)
    • Holly Berry (pearl finish)
    • Putting Green (pearl finish)
    • Sterling (metallic finish)
    • Beetle Black (satin finish)
  • Martha Stewart glass paint in Garnet glitter finish

First, paint on a red semicircle near the top of the ornament.  This will be Santa's hat.

Next, leaving a small gap below the hat, paint on Santa's face in a football shape.

Then, take your pointed brush and outline a silver beard starting at the face and making a curved base below.  To make Santa's mustache, just paint a wide "W"  If you'd like, add in a few straight lines at the bottom of the beard to add a little texture.

Next, take your silver and trace the space between Santa's face and his hat; this will be the fur trim on his hat!

If you need to, add a second coat of any of your colors until the white doesn't show through.

Finally, add the finishing details: two little black dots for his eyes, a red semi circle for his nose, and dots of red glitter and green to make a sprig of holly on his hat.

If you want, add a little silver circle to be a pom at the end of his hat.

I think he's pretty cute!

So, are you done with your Christmas shopping?

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