Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY Reindeer Ornament

I've been a busy little elf lately!  I love getting my Christmas gifts ready to go, wrapped and under the tree well before Christmas so that I can enjoy them longer.  This year, however, having a full time job has made things run a little slower in Santa's workshop (aka, my craft room).  So, I'm still churning out ornaments and other handmade holiday goodies!  This little guy is particularly cute :)

You will need:
  • White porcelain ornament
  • A small, flat paintbrush
  • Martha Stewart multi-surface paint in:
    • Beetle Black (Satin finish)
    • Chestnut (Satin finish)
    • Brushed Bronze (Metallic finish)
    • Holly Berry (Pearl finish) 
  • Clear spray coating (optional)

First, paint a brown oval on the ornament, letting it get wider at the base of the ornament, almost like a squat peanut.

Then, add in two little football shapes for the ears.

Next, take the brushed bronze and make two gently curving lines from the top of the reindeer's head toward the back of the ornament.  These will make the antlers.

Take your red paint and add a little cap on top of your reindeer's head and a scarf under his chin.  The cap can be as simple as a little semi-circle.  The scarf is as easy as one line around the chin and two wavy lines away from the chin.

Let this dry, then add a second coat until the white doesn't peak through.

Finally, add in a nose, ear marks, and two eyes with your black paint.  Make the nose an oval that is set near the chin.  The eyes should be two short, vertical lines.

And you're done!  If you want, finish this off with a clear coating to protect the paint.

Totally doable!


  1. So cute! Your are so talented. These personalized ornaments are such a wonderful idea!


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